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"Contending As One"

Training & Equipping Store

Training & Equipping Store

Prophetic Intercession - Part 3



“Praying with God’s Heart”

A 3-part Equipping Webinar

  • Learn to pray God’s prophetic promises and experience a whole new level of effectiveness in personal, corporate and even international concerns.
  • Join the spiritual battle and become a militant intercessor in God’s army of prayer warriors!
  • Learn to respond to the call to intercede, petition aggressively and break strongholds.
  • This webinar will be helpful for both novice and veteran prayer warriors alike!

In the Old Testament, the priest pleaded the needs of the people to the Lord while the Prophet pleaded the interest of God before the people. In prophetic intercession we find the union of these two ministries – a heart inspired with what is in God’s heart being prayed back to the Father with the Spirit’s help.

In this 3-part Webinar you will be trained, equipped and activated to step into the fullness of prophetic intercession, where you pray the heart of God so that He can intervene.

Part 3 – Warfare Intercession (90 minutes)

Lesson 9: Waging War with the Prophetic

Lesson 10: The Intercessory Sounds of Deliverance Pt 1

Lesson 11: The Intercessory Sounds of Deliverance Pt 2

Lesson 12: Wisdom Issues for Intercessors

Once you purchase, you will receive a link to the recorded webinar with notes.

Facilitator & Instructor, Lynn Alderson

Lynn Alderson is the Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Kingdom Authority Ministries. Under the ministry umbrella of Pray Georgia, she serves as the Georgia State Prayer General for United States Reformation Prayer Network (USRPN) under the leadership of Dr. Cindy Jacobs, and Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN) under the leadership of Dr. John Benefiel. Lynn also serves as the Southeast Regional Leader for HAPN providing leadership and oversight for six states including Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi; and for USRPN the four states of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. She also serves as an Apostolic Coordinator for Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network (SPAN), under the leadership of Dr. Rebecca Greenwood. Lynn is an ordained Minister, a commissioned Apostle and a member of the US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

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